First Of December

It’s the first of December today, and the end of the school year is very close. I can’t believe it. This year has flown! I am going to miss all my friends when I head to high school next year, but it is also very exciting. Some of the other people in my class are a little nervous to be going to high school, but most are excited. Next year everything will be new and different. I hope that I enjoy high school as much as I have enjoyed primary school.

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Banoffee Pie

One of my favourite desserts ever is banoffee pie. It is an English dessert with cream, bananas, caramel and a biscuit crumb base.  I didn’t know this, but ‘banoffee’ is actually a blend of the words banana and toffee! We usually have it at Christmas time or on special occasions like a birthday or when relatives come to stay. Banoffee pie is really easy to make and it tastes amazing. If you would like to see a recipe for banoffee pie, click here. A lot of recipes say to make your own caramel, but tinned caramel tastes great too. Another thing you can do is grate chocolate over the top. Mmmm!

Comment if you’ve had banoffee pie before, or if you plan to try it!6063133264 (1)

My Board Game Project

This term most people in 5/6 at our school completed a board game assignment. We have been learning about bush fires, and so our task was to create a board game about bush fires and fire safety. It was a fun project, and I think most people enjoyed doing it.

I decided to make my board game a trivia game. I made it circle shaped, and in some of the different colours of fire. Each different colour was a different round of  trivia or tasks for players to complete. The tokens were fire truck shaped counters that belonged to my brother. My game is called Ready, Aim, Fire! because it looks like a target.

I tested out my game with my family, and we really enjoyed playing it. I learnt a lot from doing this, and I think it was a great assignment!images (4)

Christmas Is Coming!

If you’ve checked my Christmas countdown recently, you would know that there is ONLY 38 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! Wow, this year has gone so fast! At Christmas time, my family usually gets together and has a big party. Everyone brings some food and some presents to share. The presents start early in the morning and the lunch goes until night time. It’s lots of fun! Our Christmas day almost always involves swimming, at the pool or at the beach.

If we’re celebrating at home, we go to the street party on Christmas eve. Everyone comes to look at the Christmas lights, and some of the kids enjoy a present from Santa.

Photo Credit: Gertrud K. via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Gertrud K. via Compfight cc

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I have loved penguins ever since I was little. My mum says my ‘obsession’ with penguins started when she took me to see the movie March Of The Penguins. I used to collect anything to do with penguins, especially stuffed toys. I have been to see penguins in zoos and in the wild.

Our family has been to New Zealand, and when we were there we went to a special place where you could sit near the beach and watch Little and Yellow-Eyed penguins come in from the sea. It was amazing. We saw heaps of Little penguins and a few seals, but only one Yellow-Eyed penguin, because they are less common.

I have been to zoos in China, America and Australia to see different types of penguins. One day I’d like to go to Antarctica and see Emperor penguins in they wild, because they have always been my favourite species of penguin. Other animals I like are dolphins, dogs and pretty much all birds.

Did you know that a group of penguins at sea is called a ‘raft’, and a group of penguins on land is called a ‘waddle’?


The Water Catchers!

This year, our class took part in the Water Catchers competition. It’s a fun competition where kids get to make videos about saving water to try and win $5000 for their school. Our class split up into groups to write short film scripts about how water gets to your tap, which were then sent away to be judged. Lots of other schools did this as well.

A while later we heard that a group from our class had been chosen. This meant that they would get their script turned into a video, along with eight other scripts from different schools! It was filmed recently, and is about an alien who needs help using water on its planet. But we need your help! To win $5000, our video needs to get the most votes out of the nine being shown. All you need to do is watch the film and type in your email. Simple!

If you would like to see the video, click here.

A group from our school also got in last year. I was in that group, and I played the hippie when the film was made. If you would like to watch last year’s video, click here.

The State Spelling Bee

Today I went to Sydney and competed in the Premier’s Spelling Bee state competition. I was one of 44 contestants in the senior division of the competition. I was number 15 so I sat in the front row. I was really nervous when we got there, the Eugene Goossens Hall in the ABC centre where the competition was was massive! Everyone who came got a program, and when my dad was reading through it he saw a familiar name…

For those of you who watched the Great Australian Spelling Bee on TV, you would remember Mica, the girl who came second to Grace in the junior spelling bee last year. Well this year Mica is in year 5, and she came to the senior spelling bee. The spelling order was devised randomly, and so by luck of the draw I got to sit next to her! If you were wondering, she is very nice and also funny!

The competition began, and seven people were knocked out in the first round. One of them was the first kid to spell, who got out on the word ‘lustre’. We had four rounds of words from the list that everyone was given, the ones I got were ‘monopoly’, ‘cemetery’, ‘authentic’ and ‘sciatic’. The next round was unseen words that were not from the list, and in this round I got the word ‘pavilion’. Unfortunately I put in two ‘l’s instead of one and was knocked out. At least I know how to spell it now! I came equal 16th.

After that round the competition went quickly, and soon the final four were left, one of which was Mica. The last four contestants got to talk and spell on ABC radio. They spelt for ages, until two were knocked out, another spelt their word wrong, and Mica came first!

The spelling bee was nerve-wracking, freaky, and of course fun, but to top it all off, when we were driving home we were passed by the royal cavalcade on the Harbour Bridge with Prince Charles and Camilla! Their car was surrounded by police on motorbikes and the windows were darkened so we couldn’t see inside, but we saw a royal flag and so we knew it was them!

Photos: It was at the ABC centre, so I got a picture with Dorothy the Dinosaur and the Bananas! The next photos are of me spelling and of Mica and I.

IMG_1849 IMG_1858IMG_1848IMG_1863

Movies Coming Up…

There are a couple of movies being released this year that I am looking forward to watching. One is the last movie in the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay part 2. I am a fan of the Hunger Games, and so I can’t wait to see this movie when it comes to cinemas this November.

Another movie my family and I will be seeing is Star Wars Episode 7. My brother loves Star Wars and I enjoyed watching it too. I am excited to find out who the new villain is, after Darth Vader was killed in the previous movie. Star Wars 7 will be released in December this year.

What new movies are you excited about, or what is your favourite movie? Please tell me!

A Change Of Theme

Hi everyone!

I decided to change my blog theme. I used to have the blackboard theme, but I looked through the different themes and picked this one. I chose it because I like the colours and the seagull is really cute!

What do you think? Is this blog theme better, or did you prefer my old one?